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By now you may have spent the time to create an online profile. You’ve attended local social events, and gone out on a few well intentioned set ups. However, none of these paths have led you to the right person. But you ARE ready to meet her. Today.

Muse&Co. is a committed team of matchmakers who conduct a discreet, dedicated search for compatible women based on a client’s criteria.  Our in-depth custom approach is highly personalized. We’re not a dating service. Our purpose is to understand you, and then find potential matches based on compatibility, complementary personalities, morals and life ideals. Our search aims to find a balanced counterpart for our clients – women of beauty and style, backed by substance. We’ll introduce you only to select women who have been personally screened by us.


How it Works

Like any endeavor, this requires some thought. Consider it an engaging exercise which can help make you more confident and self-aware about the criteria which would help create the foundation of a strong, long-term relationship for you.

  1. Discovery:  Discussion & Candidacy – kind of like an interview but more personal, in-depth and HR isn’t looking over our shoulders. We learn about you from you and also conduct 360′ interviews.
  2. Style & Dating Prep:  This step is optional and conducted on an as needed basis.
  3. Search:  The Muses get to work. Drawing on our traditional corporate marketing backgrounds, we cast the net wide through our contacts, social networks and marketing channels. Our candidates undergo the Discovery phase as well, to help us pinpoint best matches.
  4. Dating Begins:  Relax, this is the fun part! Feedback loops happen after each date, so we continue to hone in on what works during dating and the search. 


As with all good partnerships, there are House Rules. Check ‘em out!  >>>


Style Consultation
We already know you‘re a man of character, but let’s make sure you don’t overlook style and sophistication. We’ll help you enhance or discover your own look of distinction. Because everyone has one.


Dating Preparation
To acquire most skills, we need to practice, or at minimum visualize. So if you need a refresher to get it right, we’ll help you prep so when you meet your special someone, you’re at ease and able to be yourself. Everything from date etiquette to online social manners to perhaps other things you hadn’t even considered – like this.


We’re Selective
We meet so many wonderful women every day. Muse&Co. becomes your personal team of experts who seeks out and identifies women who might be your match. It’s wing-woman meets executive search.

Highly personalized matchmaking in the Seattle area by our professional matchmakers

House Rules
  • Credit score and background checks for all parties.
  • Clients and candidates are single.
  • Ethical and moral behavior is the standard. No exceptions.
  • Clients will be provided dating guidelines, expectations and etiquette.
  • Clients and candidates are expected to provide post-date feedback.