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Muse&Co. has been a passion in the making for the last decade. We’re a team of talented entrepreneurs who ventured into the world of matchmaking because we love making personal connections – across friends, colleagues, and family. Our matchmaking expertise draws from many years of corporate marketing, project management, recruitment, client services and business development. We’re taking these talents, adding creative brain power and merciless persistence to truly change the lives of our clients.

Belinda Leung

My top 10 list – their priority changes daily so I didn’t number them.

  • The Seattle Times: Not my favorite newspaper – but I’m saddened by the disappearing format. We do our small part by keeping our Sunday subscription.
  • Having an amazing business partner. Beth is a wonderful person, and she’s up when I’m down and vice versa. We started a business together without much history so I was just really fortunate!
  • Mick Jagger or Keith Richards? Keef. No doubt. He’s self deprecating, funny, cheeky and super brainy. I admit I got that from reading his biography, which he probably had tons of help editing and writing. But it still makes me want to be a groupie and listen to the Stones!
  • My favorite live sport: I can still remember my first Rugby 7’s (World Cup). What a fast-paced, show of athleticism and teamwork. And of course the hooligan sitting behind us yelling drunken cheers.
  • My vegetable garden. I’m simply gleeful when I pick peas, strawberries, cherries, and tomatillos from the backyard.
  • Taking an afternoon nap on the weekends. Enough said.
  • My first cup of Tetley in the morning.
  • I wish I could…take a ride in the Tardis with Dr. Who (played by David Tennant). Who wouldn’t travel through space and time?
  • I can’t ever eat enough…birthday cake, Seattle Salsa Guy salsa, anything made with rice noodles (not limited to pho, phad thai, singapore noodles, ho fun).
  • My family is my proudest, most cherished thing in the world. I know how happy, humble and honored they make me feel. So I hope Muse&Co. can help others connect and discover their most happy spot!

Beth Harvey

The month…May, the year…2000.

That was when the course of my life was truly set in motion. I moved to Seattle to work for a dot.com and even though that was destined to close shop 6 months later, it gave me the opportunity to meet a business partner I could rely on, learn from, collaborate with and admire with great respect. Belinda and I established a partnership in 2001 that was able to build a long-standing, reputable consulting practice based on business savvy, customer service, hard work and dedication. It’s these same skills and work ethic on which we have built Muse&Co.

If I have learned anything from being a business owner, it is balance. And I take great pride in the amazing people I call my family, aka my balance. On the weekend (or on a sunny Seattle afternoon), you might find my husband Scott and daughter Harper and I cruising in one of our classic cars (50’s vintage preferred)! If I am controlling the radio, Bob Seger is singing one of his billboard hits evoking a sense of purpose and nostalgia. The designing and planting of my front-side-back yard has never quite been able to make it off the To Do List and if you were to look at my bookcase, you would find an over-abundance of Jane Austin and Philippa Gregory books. My husband simply shakes his head at our Netflix instant queue, full of romantic dramas. I passionately support Childhaven, an amazing organization that is making a difference in childrens’ lives and impacting future generations – check ‘em out:  www.childhaven.org! And having been blessed with our daughter over 2 years ago, not a day goes by that I don’t laugh out loud or get excited about reading a Thomas the Train book to her. The sparkle in her eyes and innocence of her intent, remind me to live every day and consider it a gift.

This all said, I too hope that through our efforts, our clients will be able to recognize their own version of happiness and the ability to laugh out loud on a regular basis.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist