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You’ve done girl’s night out, likely spent hours creating the perfect online profile and even called in reinforcements from co-workers. All with little success (sorry, but keep reading…there’s hope!). A matchmaker may be the answer. Muse&Co. is a team of professional matchmakers whose clients are distinctive, relationship-ready gentlemen. We’re helping them find that amazing someone. Could it be you?


How it Works

It’s very possible you and one of our current or future clients are destined to meet. We may not have yet had the privilege of meeting you in business or social circles, but let’s connect!

STEP 1: We invite you to submit an online profile, along with a current head shot and full body photo of yourself (photos should be within 3 months of the time of submission).

STEP 2: Learn more about our current bachelors!

If you’re a possible match for one of our clients, we can work with you at a more in-depth level. There is no charge for the initial online profile, but administrative charges may apply at the more in-depth level.


We always want to meet amazing women who can back their beauty with style and substance.
Let’s Chat if You’re…
  • Single (if you’re divorced, this means the divorce is complete)
  • Relationship-ready
  • Active, fit and proactive about your health
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Balanced. Yes – we said it! You should have a healthy and balanced outlook on yourself and your romantic relationships, and are capable of maintaining lasting relationships with friends and family.
  • All ages
  • Open to meeting incredible gentlemen

Relationship-ready single women ready for a dinner date.

As with all good partnerships, there are House Rules.
  • Background checks for all parties.
  • Clients and candidates are single.
  • Ethical and moral behavior is the standard. No exceptions.
  • Clients will be provided dating guidelines, expectations and etiquette.
  • Clients and candidates are expected to provide post-date feedback.