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Muse&Co. wants to invite you to dinner. If you’re ready to meet quality singles of the same ilk, we encourage you to keep reading! We hand-select 3 women and 3 men based on criteria such as age, interests, background and most importantly, our personal pre-screening.  Guests are grouped, then extended an invitation for an evening of dining.

  • Each dinner experience is unique because of the individuals joining.
  • We’ll manage the logistics to make your experience enjoyable and consistent.
  • Dinners are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7PM.
  • All dinners will be at locally chosen restaurants with atmospheres conducive to great conversation and good food, enjoyed at a round table for six. We’ve made sure the restaurants are conveniently located and have easy parking. We’ll arrange for everyone to get their own check after dinner.
  • Wondering if you should exchange information with anyone or everyone at the end of the evening? Don’t worry – we’ve eliminated the pressure!  Simply logon to our dashboard after dinner and tell us with whom you’d like to connect.


Here’s how you get invited to dinner.
  1. Complete our online form. We want to get to know you personally, and learn about the type of person who would best complement you.
  2. Receive/accept an invite for dinner. Once we’ve matched you with a group, you’ll get an email invite for dinner.
  3. Enjoy your evening. Focus on enjoying your evening out connecting with five other amazing people, one of whom might be your match!



Your Patience is Appreciated

We’d like to thank you in advance for your patience as we build our database of quality, eligible single men and women.  Having just launched this part of the business, it may take a short while to build the dinner group we think is right for you.  All good things (and services) are worth a small wait! 



Muse&Co-Invites | Singles dinner date for 6
What’s the Cost?
  • Event fee of $75 when you accept your dinner invitation
  • You cover your meal/drinks


We promise you’ll never have dinner with the same romantic prospect twice.