The Muse&Co. team believes everyone who’s ready and wants love, deserves to find it. However FINDING love can likely be challenging. If you’ve found current dating channels don’t effectively connect you with quality singles with whom you are compatible, Muse&Co. may be your solution.

Imagine knowing you had a personal team seeking and vetting people you’d like to date.

  1. Dating would be FUN (again!)
  2. You’d stop spending valuable time reading through and second guessing profiles (online or other)
  3. You’d actually start making progress in finding a long term relationship

We realize making time for ourselves has never been more difficult. We find ourselves at our busiest now that our devices follow us onto the plane, they creep into our bedrooms, they sidle up to our silverware at mealtime – they are often, perhaps not by choice, our closest companion. Let Muse&Co. help you get closer to meeting the right companion, so you can sidle up to them, and not your phone!

So if you’re ready to bring on a team of trusted partners who can help connect you with other “singles with substance,” call us.


Bachelors only please.
If you’re ready, we want to help you find HER. We think love has a higher probability when not left to happenstance. Find out how we can help.


Dinner Dates
Get invited to our dinner dates, made up of six eligible singles we’ve personally vetted and matched. Three men and three women enjoy an evening dinner. Cozy? Hilarious? Romantic? Every group will create its own unique dynamic.


Searching For Him?
Are you a smart, single woman ready for a long term relationship? Your search may have just gotten a bit of a boost. We work with eligible gentlemen who are ready to find a long-lasting relationship. Might you be who he’s looking for? Let’s connect.